UPSTREAM 2024: Frontline Solutions to Homelessness


Uniting for National Resilience and Innovation

In the heart of the nation’s most iconic city, leaders from diverse fields gathered at the 2024 Help USA Symposium, a pivotal event addressing the unprecedented challenges posed by the influx of individuals seeking refuge on American shores. With a resolute spirit, Deputy Mayor of Health and Human Services, Anne William-Isom, set the tone for the symposium, reflecting on the astonishing growth and the strain it has placed on resources.

“I don’t think 40 years ago, anyone could have imagined that we would have this many people coming to our shores and seeking shelter; and we would literally have no additional resources, no additional planning, and no time to prepare. The bottom line is that this is a national problem and requires a national response,” remarked William-Isom. She emphasized the global significance of the situation, acknowledging that the eyes of the world are on New York as it navigates this humanitarian crisis.

In the face of adversity, the Deputy Mayor declared New York City’s unwavering commitment to resilience, compassion, and pragmatism. “Here in the biggest city in the nation, we don’t shy away from challenges because in New York City, we tackle challenges head-on to show the world that New York City is forever resilient, compassionate, and pragmatic in the face of any crisis.”

Dan Lehman, HELP USA’s President and CEO echoed this sentiment, shedding light on the collaborative efforts underway to address the crisis. “Behind the headlines and the legal battles is the collaboration of the best thinking of the best minds that have figured out how to adapt and move forward,” the CEO emphasized. This acknowledgment of collective intelligence and adaptability underscores the essence of the symposium – bringing together leaders to share insights, foster collaboration, and find innovative solutions.

Throughout the symposium, attendees engaged in discussions that transcended conventional boundaries, exploring new strategies, partnerships, and policy frameworks to address the multifaceted issues at hand. The event showcased a collective determination to transform adversity into an opportunity for growth and unity.

As the symposium concluded, it left a resonating message – this crisis faced by the nation demands a united response, where resilience, compassion, and innovation converge to pave the way forward. The Help USA 2024 Symposium stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of leaders and the power of collaboration in overcoming even the most complex challenges on a national scale.

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