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About the Program

The corporate partnership program provides companies with a way to give back to communities, support CSR and DEIA goals, and enhance employee satisfaction.

Corporate giving is essential to our ability to provide the services and support our neighbors’ need to find affordable housing and to stay safely housed for years to come. Through the generous contributions of HELP Corporate Heroes, we can aid with job placement and training for careers through HELP WORKS; offer family programs like parenting classes, afterschool care, and homework tutors to HELP ROADS and Genesis Academy participants; and provide art therapy sessions that address the trauma of homelessness among many other initiatives made possible by donations from the business community.

Volunteerism Increases Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are more productive and loyal to the company they work for. They also show a 21 percent higher profitability and sell more products to customers.

As a HELP Corporate Hero, companies have access to employee benefits not found in many other places. Some of the ways individuals and groups of employees can volunteer include:

  • Mentoring a survivor of domestic violence, helping improve financial literacy and empowerment so a young mother with two children can live safely and securely on her own.
  • Hosting a backpack, coat, or toy drive to directly impact the lives of young children living in temporary homeless shelters in New York City.

  • Facilitating an afternoon of art therapy for single adults recovering from addiction to offer hope, acceptance, and a sense of normalcy.

  • Advising a teen on careers in technology, offering guidance, insight, and direction to ensure they graduate from high school ready for college or career training.
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Your partnership is designed just for you with year-long experiences, events, and activities tailored to your industry and aligned with your corporate culture, such as:

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