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About the Program

The Art of Resilience is HELP USA’s innovative art therapy program offered at our shelters and transitional residences.

In weekly sessions, our art therapists gain unique insights into the needs of our clients in crisis. In addition, information related to trauma, typically not furnished to case managers during standard intake and assessment, is revealed through these therapeutic art sessions. With this additional knowledge, we can better provide holistic care that leads to more substantive and long-lasting solutions.

Our licensed art therapists provide a safe space for participants to reclaim personal dignity and rebuild self-respect while treating mental health issues, low self-esteem, and behavioral problems.

Art therapy interventions also help resolve conflict and manage the stress caused by homelessness.

In addition, art therapy has proven effective in helping people cope with trauma caused by exposure to, and victimization from, domestic violence. Each art therapy session allows victims and witnesses of domestic violence to address trauma, express emotions, and develop coping mechanisms for dealing with the mental and emotional aftermath of trauma that each person has experienced.

In these safe spaces, participants’ feelings of isolation are mitigated by interaction with others who have had shared experiences and those who attend in support.

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HELP USA hosts an annual art show for clients to publicly exhibit and discuss their work. These celebrations recognize the artists’ resilience and their journey toward recovery.

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