School is Open for All

Group of smiling young children reading books in a circle

When you are a kid living in a shelter, back-to-school is a time of high stress and added barriers for students and caregivers. According to DHS reports, over 18,000 children are homeless and living in shelters.

Youth who are homeless experience school differently than their housed peers. They face discrimination from other students and bullying, and they lack access to basics like fall clothing, school supplies, and things we take for granted such as haircuts. These factors often combine resulting in poor academic performance and increased drop-out rates. 

At HELP USA, we believe school should be open for all and to ensure these students receive the extra support and added stability necessary for success, we need your help. 

$100 makes haircuts for four children possible

$250 provides school clothes for one child

$500 adds to our Youth Scholarship Program

The power of education to transform individual lives is proven. When we give kids in shelters a helping hand, they are more likely to escape homelessness and break cycles permanently. Thank you for being a part of the solution.

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