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HELP USA annually provides temporary shelter to more than 22,000 single men and women in New York City. Our transitional housing team’s primary goal is to find permanent, safe, and stable housing for residents as quickly as possible. At HELP Brownsville, a single women’s site in Brooklyn, Executive Director Monique Mitchell is leading the charge to ensure the residents find quality housing. 

“One of the challenges we face when helping our clients move out of shelter is making sure their new homes are ready for them with furniture and household items,” said Mitchell. “Most move to empty apartments and have very limited financial means. We want to make sure that these placements become homes, not just another temporary place to stay, and to do that, my team leaves no stone unturned.”

This month, HELP Brownsville accomplished seven move-outs—more than 50% above the targeted rate—and has another 12 in progress. Mitchell and her team provide each client with a “move-out kit” that includes kitchen gear, cleaning supplies, and other basics to ease the transition.

Please help us give a little more to each person who overcomes homelessness and moves out of shelter. With a contribution at these levels, we can make sure our residents receive a Welcome Home Kit and have a little less to worry about as they begin life in their new homes: 

$150 –  pots, pans, dishes, and glasses
$100  – sheets, blankets, and pillows
$50  –  coffee pot and mugs
$25  –  cleaning supplies

Mitchell and her team know that hope is essential to those in their care. “The whole site celebrates when clients receive news about their housing placement,” she shared. “They ring our move-out bell, and the excitement and joy on their faces, and the look of hope on those still waiting for placements, motivates my team every day.” 

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