HELP USA Hosts First Annual National Overdose Awareness Day Celebration

HELP USA nurtures an environment in our shelters and residences where the rights of all human beings are respected, regardless of their income, health, education, race, gender, or other factors. We are taking action to educate and train our staff so they are capable of supporting those in need, particularly those struggling with drug addiction.

We focus on this as part of Harm Reduction Awareness month, which highlights strategies to reduce the negative consequences faced by people who use drugs. HELP USA is actively educating our people on the front lines, and our residents about the dangers of drug use, how to prevent overdoses, and what to do should an overdose occur.

On August 31, HELP USA hosted a National Overdose Awareness Day Celebration, recognizing the efforts of 24 Life Saver staff members who intervened during a drug crisis by administering Narcan. This medication rapidly reduces the effects of opioids. HELP USA provides mandatory training for this potentially lifesaving medication, just one of the many tools and tactics we make available for staff to support those who come to us in dire need.

For the first time, HELP presented Kenya Robinson, Director of Quality Assurance, Susan Cahill, VP, Grants Management & Contract Compliance, and Thomas Cardamone, Associate Vice President of Training & Development, with the Harm Reduction Hero award, acknowledging their efforts to embrace and foster harm reduction methods and strategies within the organization.

“Keeping people alive is at the very top of the needs scale,”
– Tom Hameline, PhD, President, and CEO of HELP USA.

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