Derrick Adams Unveils Mural at HELP ONE A


Yesterday, the artist unveiled his commissioned mural, “We Built This City’s Grid” (2023) at HELP ONE A in East New York, Brooklyn. The 25’x9’ ceramic tile installation, is part of a slate of initiatives with the artist aimed at raising awareness about the traumas experienced by homeless and formerly homeless people and the power of art to help healing and recovery.

The reception was attended by the artist, representatives from Gagosian Gallery, HELP USA Board Member Eden Williams, HELP USA CEO Dan Lehman, RxArt President Diane Brown, and others, including contemporary artist Baseera Khan who is the HELP USA 2024 Art of Resilience Artist Host, succeeding Adams in this role.

Reflecting on the project, Derrick Adams said during his remarks, “It is one of the highlights of my career.” He added “Art is therapeutic, whether you are making it or interacting with it. This work represents community, family, and motion between those who will call this home and those from the neighborhood who will come as visitors, to participate in programs, and to work. I am honored to be a part of HELP USA’s efforts to share the healing power of art with those who are recovering from homelessness.”

Read the full story here.

Find out more about the Art of Resilience here.

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