A Message from New CEO & President

Today is my first day as President & CEO of this incredible organization.

I’m honored to have been chosen by the HELP USA Board of Directors to lead at this very challenging time in the industry. HELP USA is an exceptionally strong organization centered on the mission of ensuring everyone has a place to call home. Our role and services have never been more important than they are today, with mounting homelessness and housing insecurity in New York City and across the nation.

During my first few weeks and months, I will focus first and foremost on “learning HELP USA” through working closely with the senior leadership team, the Board, staff across the organization, and key external partners and funders. HELP USA has over 60 sites, so getting out to each of them will take some time – but I see this as one of the most critical parts of my start-up period because that is where our vision and mission are realized.

The chance to lead HELP USA is a significant opportunity, and I know it is sure to be a highlight of my career. I sincerely appreciate the warm welcome I have received from everyone so far. 

Thank you all for what you have done to make HELP USA what it is today.

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