Ending Homelessness

HELP USA takes a comprehensive approach to solving homelessness. We deliver programs to prevent people from becoming homeless. We develop affordable housing so people have a place to call home when they leave homelessness. And we offer supportive services that help people transition out of homelessness.

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Housing and Homes

The first step to ending homelessness is to provide stable housing. HELP USA provides award-winning housing that people can confidently call home.

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HELP USA provides housing as a foundation, then delivers programs and services that keep people safe, keep people healthy, and build people’s skills.

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People We Serve

HELP USA has served more than 300,000 people since 1986, including families, veterans, and victims of domestic violence. Click here to learn more about the people we help every day.

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You Can Help

Make a Donation to help end and prevent homelessness for those in need including veterans, victims of domestic violence, and homeless families. Your dollars WILL make a difference.

Enlist with HELP USA as a volunteer to empower communities and to help end homelessness.

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View photos from Street Soccer USA’s field opening in East New York here.


Success Story: Roy Smith

Success Story: Roy Smith

Roy Smith was a student who came from another shelter for drug treatment. As a student, his skills and effort exceeded any requirement of the class. Upon completion of the class and receiving his food handler’s certificate, he stayed for one more cycle of students to act as a sous chef, focus on managerial skills, and hone his cooking techniques.

Enlist with HELP USA to Provide Homes for America’s Veterans