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About the Program

A Comprehensive Approach to Learning, Growth, and Filling the Gap

Genesis Academy believes in the power of education to break the cycle of homelessness. Serving children ages 5-13, this program is a beacon of hope—a pathway to a brighter future for those seeking stability and success.

Since 2009, the Genesis Academy after-school and summer camp program has been a safe haven dedicated to empowering students by:

  • Providing academic support and help with homework
  • Offering enrichment classes in arts, music, and STEM
  • Encouraging physical activities and fitness
  • Developing social skills and community engagement
  • Organizing field trips and creative play activities

The program targets individuals aged 5 to 18 living in HELP USA facilities and the surrounding community, focusing on those attending Community District 5 schools. This district faces various socioeconomic challenges, including high poverty rates, crime, gang violence, and predictors of homelessness, resulting in limited access to digital tools, technology curriculum, college preparation, and career readiness.

Genesis Academy integrates STEM-based learning through partnerships with community organizations.

These programs enhance problem-solving, prioritization, and collaboration skills, preparing students for future success. Genesis Academy has been improving school performance, reducing dropout rates, increasing college attendance, enhancing employment opportunities, and contributing to a safer community.

Genesis Academy helps bridge the achievement gap for children from diverse backgrounds, providing them with opportunities to excel academically and develop essential life skills.

Empowering Youths, Building Brighter Futures

Success stories like Simiah, Kenneth, and Eva highlight the transformative impact of Genesis Academy.


Simiah entered our programs as a nonverbal child, facing significant communication challenges. At age 7, she began receiving speech therapy. Through consistent support from trained professionals, alongside exposure to controlled social situations, Simiah turned a corner and started to interact verbally with program staff, other children, and her family.

Today, at nine years old, Simiah has grown to a learning level consistent with her age. She is communicating effectively and thriving, while continuing to gain skills to keep her on this trajectory.


Kenneth benefitted from HELP USA youth programs since he was just six years old. Thanks to a scholarship sponsored by HELP USA, he thrived at Trey Whitfield Elementary and Middle School and Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School.

The supportive environment at Genesis Academy played a crucial role in his academic and personal advancements. Following his time spent in the program, Kenneth successfully earned his high school diploma and continued his education at the State University of New York Plattsburgh.


Eva started her own journey with Genesis Academy, continuing with our peer mentoring program where teens support younger students. A junior at Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, Eva’s achievements include induction into the National Honor Society and a scholarship for a pre-college summer program for aspiring doctors.

Eva also stands out as a gold honors member and a candidate for valedictorian in 2024.

Support Genesis Academy and help us build a brighter future for the children of East New York.

The generous support of programs like Genesis Academy deepens the positive impact of quality education, essential resources, and life-changing opportunities for the children of East New York.

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