Get fit for a cause with HELP USA’s Young Patrons Circle!

HELP USA’s Young Patrons Circled hosted a virtual workout series to help our community get in shape while making an impact! All proceeds benefited HELP USA’s work to provide safe homes and everyday essentials to people facing homelessness and poverty during the coronavirus pandemic.

Course Descriptions

Yoga with Lisa

Wednesday, July 8, 9:30am EST

In this one hour all level class inspired by Nature we will move the body in graceful and flowing movements that link body, breath, and mind. Combining a gentle and dynamic flow coupled with longer holding poses assists in helping one to find alignment in the body. As we come into peace with the body, we open with the heart and remember our true connection to the oneness of all of creation.  We will end the class with breath work and a short meditation.

HIIT with Taylor

Sunday, July 12, 11am EST

The HIIT-inspired workout is meant to challenge your body using heart rate variability. We’ll move through different exercises, some more intense than others, that will build resilience in both body and mind. The best part – all you need is you! No weights or special equipment required.

Boxing with Samantha

Wednesday, July 15, 5pm EST

Samantha will be teaching a 30 minute Cardio & Boxing Body Weight Bootcamp class! No equipment needed and be prepared to sweat!

Ab-tastic Glutes with Alessandra

Friday, July 17, 5PM EST

Sculpt your abs, tighten your glutes, strengthen your obliques and create maximum crossbody stabilization. The reality is that your Gluteus Maximus is the largest muscle in your body and works with your Core to help support your spine and prevent lower back pain. Taking this class you can have it all, 6 packs abs and a great butt! Trust me, you’ll be feeling the burn!

Meet the Instructors

Lisa Bennett

Lisa is a leader in transformational healing and has been teaching a therapeutic approach to yoga and meditation for over 30 years. She is known to many through her appearance on the Yoga Zone TV shows and their line of videos. Lisa became a yoga teacher through private training with ISHTA Master Yogiraj Alan Finger. Lisa’s classes have been rated as the “best high energy in the country” by Allure Magazine. Her teaching transmits her experience of yoga as a path to self-acceptance and spiritual meaning.

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Taylor Durland

Taylor is an NYC-based NASM-certified personal trainer, helping clients meet their full potential using movement as medicine. He started taylor/d training as a concept that brings the physicality of training closer to the mental benefits of challenging the body in new ways. When he’s not with clients on the Hudson River Park (more recently, imagining being at the park while actually training over Zoom), he leads an innovation team focused on sustainability and responsible business practices at a strategy consulting firm.

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Alessandra Mazzamuto

Growing up as a competitive swimmer instilled in me an innate passion and appreciation for strength and mobility training. After I overcame a Traumatic Brain Injury 12 years ago with flexibility and mobility training combined with nutrition, I knew fitness would become my career. My training philosophy includes a complete mind body connection that not only will transform your body physically, but it will also give you the tools & mindset you’ll need to continue your fitness journey as a lifestyle, not just a trend.

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Samantha Ruskin

Samantha Ruskin is a NYC based group fitness instructor at Everybodyfights where she teaches a mix of HIIT, Cardio, Strength, and Boxing. Samantha is a 2020 MBA Graduate from Baruch College: Zicklin School of Business. Samantha will be leading you through a 30 Minute Full Body Cardio Boxing Workout! No equipment needed!

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