Providing Shelter

Many individuals and families find themselves facing homelessness after an unexpected crisis, such as a job loss, illness, or instance of domestic abuse.

HELP USA is there for those who find themselves suddenly homeless, and we provide them with safe, temporary shelter and the support they need to get back on their feet. We believe in a different kind of homeless shelter – one that is respectful, supportive, and treats each resident as a unique individual.

Help us provide shelter for more for people experiencing homelessness.


We give shelter to

15,000 people

every year.

Services we offer at our shelters include:

Help Finding New Homes
Daycare and Afterschool Programs
Physical and Mental Healthcare
Help Finding New Jobs

We have 24 shelters in New York State, Philadelphia, and Las Vegas.

Family Shelters

  • HELP Bronx-Crotona, New York, NY
  • HELP Bronx Crotona II, New York, NY
  • HELP Bronx-Morris, New York, NY
  • HELP Hamilton, New York, NY
  • HELP Haven, confidential location
  • HELP Hillside House, New York, NY
  • HELP I, New York, NY
  • HELP New Horizons, New York, NY
  • HELP Philadelphia II, Philadelphia, PA
  • HELP Suffolk, Bellport, NY
  • WestHELP Mount Vernon, Mt Vernon, NY

Shelters for Single Men

  • HELP Clarke Thomas, New York, NY
  • HELP Creston, New York, NY
  • HELP Davidson, New York, NY
  • HELP Keener, New York, NY
  • HELP Meyer Mental Health Shelter, New York, NY
  • HELP Supportive Employment Center, New York, NY

Shelters for Single Women

  • Brownsville Womens Center, New York, NY
  • HELP Audubon, New York, NY
  • HELP Franklin Armory Women’s Intake and Assessment, New York, NY
  • HELP Women’s Center, New York, NY

Shelters for Veterans

  • HELP Las Vegas Genesis Apartments, Las Vegas, NV
  • HELP Las Vegas Veterans Apartments, Las Vegas, NV

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