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November 30, 2021

New York, NY | HELP USA, one of the nation’s largest providers of homeless services, has launched a research study aimed at exploring the link between substance abuse and homelessness.

The study will assess the extent to which substance use is a factor leading individuals to experience homelessness and make use of the shelter system. The research will also explore how the trauma of homelessness may affect ongoing addiction.

By understanding how and why unhoused people begin using substances, and their ongoing personal struggles with addiction, HELP USA can create more programs to lift their residents up out of homelessness and into supportive, permanent housing.

“Removing barriers to essential services, including housing placements, is vital to reduce the homeless population and giving people with addiction an equitable chance at rebuilding their lives,” says Daniel Farrell, HELP USA Senior Vice President of Homeless Prevention, Diversion and Research. “With this study, we can tell policymakers the unfiltered truth about what are residents are experiencing—and more importantly, what they need to thrive.”

The study will run through winter and findings will be published in spring 2022.


HELP USA is a New York-based non-profit that serves anyone facing near- and long-term housing insecurity. HELP USA provides support to at-risk populations to prevent homelessness before it happens, shelter and social services to those faced with a loss of housing, and permanent housing that is affordable, inclusive, and supportive. HELP USA operates in 5 U.S. States and the District of Columbia, with a concentration on New York City. HELP USA has been in operation since 1986, founded on a desire to ensure that every person has a permanent place to call home.

Jeffrey Covello
Director of Communications & Marketing, HELP USA
212-400-7028 | |


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