Building Affordable Homes

No one can feel truly at home if they are under constant threat of losing their housing.

HELP USA provides apartments and homes for people who have limited incomes or who have experienced homelessness. We know from experience that affordable housing strengthens communities, and makes our cities better.

For our residents, the opportunity to live in a stable, safe home is transformational. Once they no longer have to worry about having a place to sleep at night, they can rebuild their lives from a position of stability and comfort.

Help us build more homes for people facing poverty and homelessness.


We provide homes to

4,000 people

every year.

For residents who need more support, we offer resources to help them thrive in their new homes:

Daycare and Afterschool Programs
Counseling and Healthcare
Help Finding New Jobs
Therapeutic Recreational Activities

We view housing as the beginning of our effort to build strong, resilient communities, and make sure that our residents have the support they need to live independent, self-directed lives.

We have 20 housing developments for people who are low-income or formerly homeless.

  • Genesis Homes, Brooklyn
  • Genesis Neighborhood Plaza I, Brooklyn
  • Genesis Neighborhood Plaza II, Brooklyn
  • Genesis RFK Apartments, Manhattan
  • HELP Hollis Garden Apartments, Queens
  • HELP Woodycrest Apartments, The Bronx
  • Hardy Williams Veterans Center at HELP Philadelphia IV
  • Philadelphia Genesis Apartments
  • Philadelphia Homes & Brady Veterans Center
  • Philadelphia V & Lural Lee Blevins Veterans Center
  • Perry Point Veterans Village, Perryville, MD
  • Walter Reed Veteran Apartments, Washington, D.C.
  • HELP Broadway Genesis Apartments
  • HELP Newark Clinton Avenue Homes
  • JBJ Soul Homes
  • HELP Buffalo I, Buffalo
  • HELP Buffalo II, Buffalo
  • HELP Equity Homes, multiple locations in Nassau County
  • Union Avenue Apartments, Mt Vernon
  • HELP Las Vegas Renaissance Apartments

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