Board of Directors

Maria Cuomo Cole, Chairman
Anthony Williams, Esq., Vice Chairman
Leonard Achan
Khaliah Ali
Marc Altheim
Nick Brown
Jean Brownhill
Gail Cannold
Jessica Guff
Anne Keating
Peter Hochfelder

Joanne Leonhardt Cassullo
Arthur Mirante
Ponchitta Pierce
Avis Richards
Thomas Ridges
Jeffrey A. Sachs
Henry Schleiff
Nancy Seaman
Richard Sirota
Eden Williams

Executive Staff

Tom Hameline, PhD, President and CEO
Karen Ford, Chief Operating Officer
David Cleghorn, Chief Housing Officer
Missy Flower, Chief Administrative Officer

John Emmert, Chief Financial Officer
Stephen Mott, Chief of Staff
Ronnie Silverman, Chief Program Development Officer

Samantha Conlan, SVP, Development & Communications
Daniel Farrell, SVP, Homelessness Prevention, Assessment, and Research
Susan Cahill, VP, Grants Management and Contract Compliance
Michael Gagliardi, VP, Safety and Security
Fred Goodhartz, VP, Materials Management
Louis Hunter, VP, Permanent Housing Facilities & Construction

Jody Lirette, VP, Human Resources
Nicole Richards, VP, Family/Single Shelters and Clinical Services
Claire Sheedy, VP, Property Management
Gina Quijada, VP, Information Technology