HELP USA is dedicated to serving our most vulnerable neighbors for the duration of the coronavirus crisis.

Join us and ensure that help is here for people facing homelessness and poverty in this difficult time.

An Ongoing Challenge

As the current economic crisis continues, the nation is on the brink of a homelessness emergency at a scale never seen before. Many temporary benefits from the federal government have expired and millions of Americans are finding themselves unable to afford necessities for their families.

HELP USA has been there for families facing homelessness and poverty for almost 35 years, and this is one of the largest challenges we have faced. Today, we serve 30,000 people each year, and we expect that number to increase as more people find themselves in danger of losing their homes.

Our team is committed to helping our most vulnerable neighbors throughout this crisis, but we need your support. Join us to ensure that Americans facing homelessness have a helping hand when they need it most.

Our Commitment

Each day HELP USA’s staff works hard to support vulnerable people. With your help, we will be able to continue this critical work.

Health & Safety

We our providing for the everyday needs of our residents, offering personal protective equipment and deep cleaning services at shelters and residences and distributing food, toiletries, and other necessities.

Eviction Prevention

Our team is using every tool we have to keep those who are struggling in safe homes. We are providing emergency rental assistance, finding new homes for those facing homelessness, and building affordable housing.

Rebuilding Independence

We are giving vulnerable people the tools to escape the cycle of poverty, offering youth the technology and resources they need to attend school remotely, and helping adults maintain or increase their income.

Help homeless families get through this crisis.


Meet Shireen, an Essential Worker Facing Homelessness

It’s hard to imagine what it takes for healthcare workers to show up to work each day during the coronavirus crisis. It’s even harder to imagine that some of them are homeless.

Shireen* works as a nursing assistant in Northern Manhattan and is a resident of HELP USA’s Bronx Morris Shelter. During the pandemic, her biggest challenge has been helping her children complete their schoolwork remotely while working longer hours to fill in for ill coworkers.

*Name and likeness have been altered to protect client privacy.

Join Us

We’re thankful to the many members of our community who have stepped up to help during the coronavirus crisis. There’s still so much work to be done, which is why we’re asking you to join us today. This is just some of what your support can provide:

$20: 40 masks to keep residents and staff safe

$50: One financial counseling session

$100: One tablet to help a student attend school

$250: One day of afterschool enrichment for 5 kids

$550: One week of job placement counseling

$1,000: Rent assistance for a family facing eviction

Give a custom amount!

All costs are approximate. Funds will be directed to where they are needed most.


Platinum ($1,000,000+)
Gold ($100,000+)
BNY Mellon, French Toast, NYC COVID-19 Response and Impact Fund in The New York Community Trust
Silver ($25,000+)
Altria Group, Anonymous, Capital One Foundation, Cruz Family Foundation, Jessica & Andrew Guff, Marc Altheim, Nancy Seaman & Alan Schwartz, Robin Hood, Schaina and Josephina Lurje Memorial Foundation, The George Link, Jr. Foundation, The Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation, Walmart Foundation
Bronze ($1,000+)
Aaron Wong, A Better Life Foundation, AECOM Tishman, Amerihealth Caritas Services, Andrew H & Ann R Tisch Foundation, Anne Keating, Anonymous, Ariel Property Advisors, Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel, Brown & Weinraub, PLLC, Charity H2C, Chefanie, Cigna, Dana Louise Kirkpatrick, Daniel Watts, Deborah Heimowitz, Donald Capoccia, Gail Cannold, George & Joan Hornig, GLAM4GOOD, Iris Smith, Jeffrey Sachs, Jerome Simon, Jessica Velmans, Kenneth Cole, Kim Seybert, Kristin Mannion, Lee & Stephanie Spiegel, Leonard Achan, Lisa & Michael Schultz Foundation, Lloyd Trotter, Lois & Andrew Zaro Family Charitable Trust, Madeline Cuomo, Manuela Zanzi, Maria Cuomo Cole, Moore Capital Management, Reunited Clothing, Shane Dinneen, Shirlene Sasmath, StockX, Suzanne Sobel, TD Charitable Foundation,The Dorothea L. Leonhardt Foundation, Unilever, WCPG