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In a live webinar, HELP’s CEO Dr. Tom Hameline spoke with fashion icon and social activist Kenneth Cole about the connections between mental health and homelessness.  Watch the recorded session here.

Listen in as Cole speaks about the “crisis of uncertainty” that our society is facing and how his Mental Health Coalition provides resources to combat this issue.

Find out more about HELP USA’s efforts to address the stigma associated with mental health and Hameline’s view that, “The problem is coping with stress and mental illness, not the person. It’s not that you are lesser because you are experiencing it.”

HELP USA believes that once people no longer worry about having a place to sleep at night, they can focus on building better lives. We recognize that to effectively aid individuals experiencing homelessness and combatting mental health conditions we must provide long-term stable housing combined with supportive services. To contribute to HELP USA’s efforts to encourage people experiencing mental health issues and facing homelessness, to seek assistance, please consider donating.


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