Transitional housing is the safety-net that keeps individuals and families off the streets. Emergency housing of this type is a vital tool in the fight against homelessness. HELP USA’s transitional facilities provide free apartments to individuals and families who have nowhere else to go. Each facility also houses support services such as child care, medical care, counseling, and job training, which stabilize individuals and help them find permanent housing outside the shelter.

HELP USA was one of the pioneers in the modern transitional housing movement. We were among the first organizations in the country to build housing specifically for homeless families, and to include stability services on-site. This model became the standard for the modern homeless shelter.

HELP USA operates shelters for single adults, families, veterans, and survivors of domestic violence. In addition, HELP USA also operates a shelter for people who are left homeless after emergencies (such as fire), and a short-stay intake and assessment shelter for single women.