HELP’s holistic approach of providing safe, quality housing, on-site professional case management, and employment and counseling services is a proven resource for homeless and at-risk veterans, male or female. For the past 30 years, HELP USA has developed and implemented new and innovative approaches to helping the homeless and other populations in need, playing a leadership role in homelessness prevention and family stabilization. HELP’s program model for veterans’ services reflects our ongoing commitment to build better lives. We use our model to encourage veterans to rebuild their lives and gain self-sufficiency for their families.

HELP operates a Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program that provides homelessness prevention services to individual veterans and veteran families throughout New York City. SSVF is a pioneering program funded by the Veterans Administration; the program’s goals are to stabilize and support veteran families, keep younger veterans from becoming homeless, and help veterans who have experienced homelessness exit shelter and return to the community.

The employment training, support services, and life skills programs that HELP provides to assist veterans and their families with the transition back from war includes financial literacy, employment services and job training, job placement and retention, educational and psychological counseling, family stabilization services, case management, health service coordination, and day care and mentoring programs for children. The programs assist returned or returning military personnel as they face the challenging task of reintegrating into civilian life.

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