The iconic Regis Philbin, Charles Grodin and Joy Behar, along with the highly-acclaimed stand-up comedians Marion Grodin and Ted Alexandro, entertained a packed house at Gotham Comedy Club on Monday June 1 to benefit HELP USA, the nationally prominent homelessness prevention organization.

Ms. Grodin opened up the show, titled “Homelessness Isn’t Funny, But They Are,” with a hilarious sketch about being recently divorced and getting back into the dating scene. Her first remark was that she turned “40 fifteen years ago” and there was never a dull moment that followed. As Mr. Grodin’s daughter, she was also candid about her father’s reaction to her life post-divorce.

Mr. Alexandro, a single 46 year old, regaled the audience with his tales of interacting with his married friends and their children.

Ms. Behar continued the revelry with her description of the current political landscape in our country – focusing on the Republican candidates. As her monologue continued, however, it was apparent no party was spared her humor.

The night, though, belonged to Messrs. Grodin and Philbin. Their longevity in the business is almost unparalleled and the deep respect and admiration they generate is admirable and profound. A 1973 clip was played of Mr. Grodin teasing Johnny Carson on his show and asking him to open up more and stop being so private. Mr. Grodin was clearly prescient about what would become Mr. Carson’s firm grip on privacy over the next three and a half decades.

When a radio segment played of Mr. Philbin singing with Bing Crosby, the entire audience – from 25 year olds to 85 year olds – was mesmerized.

A Q&A followed moderated by Ms. Grodin. The laughter flowed throughout the evening and allowed the audience, which was comprised of supporters and potential supporters of HELP USA, much needed comic relief.

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