Our Work

We build homes for people in need.

We provide shelter & aid for people in crisis.

We strengthen communities.


We build new homes for individuals and families, and we provide specialized support services to our residents, so they can thrive in their new communities. One example is Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where we will transform the campus into supportive housing for formerly homeless veterans and their families.

Shelter & Prevention

We provide temporary shelter for people in crisis. When people lose their homes, we offer them a safe place to stay and help them find new homes as quickly as possible.

We help people at-risk of becoming homeless remain in their homes. We help them avoid being evicted, assist them in accessing public benefits, and even offer short-term financial assistance.

Strengthening Communities

Our long-term commitment and new investment in housing, youth and family services in East New York, Brooklyn is an example of how we strengthen communities through housing and programs, from job training to healthcare and daycare and much more.