Keener Building

HELP USA Keener provides shelter and other services to 326 homeless single males through a contract with the Department of Homeless Services.

This facility is open 24 hours a day/7 days a week for men who are homeless.  We offer a variety of services and referrals including: case management, skills building/education and recreation, support groups, housing services, employment/internship training and daily meals.  Workshops include housing readiness, daily living, savings and money management, employment support and nutrition. Residents are encouraged to participate in supportive social and mental health services including but not limited to, psychiatric, drug and alcohol services, and medical services when necessary.

The mission of HELP Keener is to assist the residents in enhancing their sense of responsibility and independence in an environment that is safe and ensures the healthy personal development of the men. To that end, we provide a wide range of services that encourage residents to strive for excellence in their endeavors and to develop their skills in the areas of home management, budgeting, health education, socialization, cultural enrichment, education, employment programs, and substance abuse education.

A major goal of our program is to foster a sense of community responsibility among the residents.  The program is viewed as a community within a community.  As such it is the responsibility of every community member to participate in the change process and the development of their “community”.

The program is designed to promote:

  • A feeling of camaraderie among the residents.
  • An understanding that individual behavior affects everyone in the community.
  • Active participation by the residents in the decision making process of activities related to their daily living.