Nobody should live with violence or in fear of it and we take pride in our work nationally with abuse victims at all HELP locations. The commitment of HELP USA to survivors of domestic violence is highlighted through our work in New York City, where we operate housing sites specifically devoted to domestic violence survivors and their children.


HELP R.O.A.D.S (Reaching Out to Advocate for Domestic Abuse Survivors), offers a full range of bilingual non-residential domestic violence services in East New York. These services include telephone hotline assistance, individual counseling, support groups, crisis intervention, legal and police advocacy, referrals, parenting skills classes, community education and outreach.

HELP ROADS offers its services in a wide-variety of flexible settings making them easily accessible throughout Brooklyn. Its office is located at a confidential address in East New York, Brooklyn – an underserved community with the highest incidence of domestic violence in Brooklyn.

HELP R.O.A.D.S has extensive linkages with community institutions, schools, neighborhood groups, churches, tenant organizations, police, and community-based social services. Through these linkages, the program has been able to conduct outreach to victims of domestic violence, educate community members and agencies about issues of family violence. The HELP R.O.A.D.S hotline is the initial point of contact for many victims of domestic violence: 718-922-7980.