Crain's New York Business LogoJanuary 27, 2017

To the Editor:

As Beatriz De La Torre outlined in “In battle against homelessness, don’t forget the moms” (op-ed, Jan. 21), homelessness is not a problem with a single solution. Solving it will require a collaborative, flexible approach that is responsive to the unique needs of each neighborhood, family and individual.

We at HELP USA have seen tremendous results in our homelessness prevention programs, including our Bronx-based HomeBase Centers. Our HomeBase programs have achieved a 95% success rate and have saved more than 5,000 families and individuals from having to enter the shelter system. But even as we have seen such large success rates, we also know people have slipped through the gaps because of eligibility requirements or simply because they were not aware of the services.

The Robin Hood Foundation has a long history of supporting innovative new programs that fill gaps in the safety net. We were proud to partner with them over the past few years on an initiative to reach out to disconnected homeless veterans, and are proud to partner with them today to provide intensive support services for young, low-income mothers who are at risk of becoming homeless.

It is encouraging to see the city and organizations like the Robin Hood Foundation working together to invest in targeted support services to prevent homelessness before it happens. Given the record levels of homelessness in New York City, these interventions are more important now than ever.

Thomas Hameline, Ph.D.
President and CEO

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