LINKED is a volunteer program structured to make giving back fun for children 5-16 years of age. The program aims to bring children from all backgrounds together to establish partnerships through creative and community-based activities. All LINKED participants will develop a common understanding that their commitment, participation, and responsibility can help make a difference […]

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HELP USA is Expanding

HELP Receives $1.7M to Build New Veterans Housing in Buffalo

HELP USA was awarded $1.7M in funding from the New York State Homeless Housing Assistance Program for the construction of the HELP Buffalo II project in Buffalo, NY. When completed, this project will provide 47 apartments for homeless and low-income veterans and families in the city. […]

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Counseling & Case Management

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HELP’s holistic approach of providing safe, quality housing, on-site professional case management, and employment and counseling services is a proven resource for homeless and at-risk veterans, male or female. For the past 30 years, HELP USA has developed and implemented new and innovative approaches to helping the homeless and other populations in need, playing a […]

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After School

Homeless children frequently have their educations interrupted, suffer from poor self-esteem, and are at increased risk for teen pregnancy and criminal behavior. Instilling self-esteem and a drive to succeed is imperative to preventing homelessness in the next generation.
HELP USA operates 14 Residential Communities with customized services for families with children. Keeping the family unit stable […]

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Clinically Informed Child Care

Coming Soon.

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Child Care

HELP USA childcare programs benefit the entire family. Lack of access to childcare can be a barrier to employment for parents. HELP USA childcare programs enable parents to find and retain jobs so they can support their families independently.

Daycare programs for children under age six are available at every HELP USA family transitional facility. All […]

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Security Guard Training School

The Security Guard Training Program provides its participants with residential and income stability, increased skills, and ultimately greater self-sufficiency through employment as trained and licensed security guards. HELP’s trainees receive the New York State Certification as security guards and additional training certificates that increase their value in the workplace. The Security Guard Training Program provides […]

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Culinary Training Academy

As the economy is improving, so are the openings for talented and skilled kitchen workers – the growth potential for the program is boundless.

HELP USA’s Culinary Arts Program trains homeless residents in the skills and techniques essential to successful employment and promotion in the culinary industry, including the basic NYS food handler’s license.

The 9-week culinary […]

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HELP Clarke Thomas

On July 1, 2008, HELP USA assumed responsibility for the Clarke Thomas Next Step Employment Program. The Next Step Program provides an array of services that offers a consistent and supportive environment for service resistant clients. The Next Step Program is an innovative and unique intensive case management model structured to provide temporary shelter in […]

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