WE ARE ALL HOMELESS, a groundbreaking exhibition of more than 260 signs bought by Texas artist Willie Baronet while traveling through 24 U.S. cities, will open at New York University’s Kimmel Center on January 8, 2015. Baronet’s project, funded through an Indiegogo campaign, was designed with the purpose of raising awareness about homelessness and providing information and resources to people who want to help.

The exhibit will be housed in the Stovall Family Gallery, located on the 8th floor of the Kimmel Center and will be on display until January 24, 2015.

“I’ve been purchasing homeless signs for more than 20 years, and seeing the impact this project has had on many people across the country is incredible,” said Willie Baronet, who is also a professor at Southern Methodist University (SMU). “One of my main goals for this art exhibition is to bring the issue of homelessness to light in a unique manner to hopefully change people’s hearts and minds on how they view the homeless.”

Maria Cuomo Cole, chairman of the homeless services organization HELP USA, is helping to produce a national tour of the WE ARE ALL HOMELESS art exhibit in an effort to publicize the alarming rise of homelessness.

“The homeless often lose their identity and dignity, living on the streets of America’s busy cities,” said Cole. “Artist Willie Baronet’s WE ARE ALL HOMELESS project reminds us that men and women in the most challenging circumstances have names, families, stories and dreams.”

After the New York opening, Baronet hopes to exhibit the WE ARE ALL HOMELESS project in all the 24 cities he visited last July. In addition to art installations, Baronet has been working working with a film crew to create a documentary entitled SIGNS OF HUMANITY.

The exhibit is free and open to the public.   For more information about the WE ARE ALL HOMELESS project, visit


For years, Willie Baronet was uncomfortable when he saw a homeless person on the street with a sign asking for money, so he often avoided looking at them. That all changed when he started buying their signs in 1993. Baronet, a Dallas artist and Stan Richards Professor of Creative Advertising at SMU’s Meadows School of the Arts, has been buying and collecting signs made by homeless people for more than 20 years. He uses his purchases to create innovative art exhibits and performances highlighting the critical issue of homelessness and concept of home – the WE ARE ALL HOMELESS project. The project aims to raise awareness about the critical issue of homelessness and change preconceived ideas many of us have about the homeless and their situations.


HELP USA is the leading national developer of housing and provider of jobs and services for homeless and at risk populations in the country, including families, veterans and victims of domestic violence. HELP has served more than 300,000 people since it was founded in 1986 and today serves more than 12,000 each year at 41 residences and programs across the country. To date, HELP has developed more than 2,000 units of housing including transitional and permanent supportive service programs.


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