Homeless children frequently have their educations interrupted, suffer from poor self-esteem, and are at increased risk for teen pregnancy and criminal behavior. Instilling self-esteem and a drive to succeed is imperative to preventing homelessness in the next generation.

HELP USA operates 14 Residential Communities with customized services for families with children. Keeping the family unit stable and intact enables recovery from the trauma of becoming homeless. Families in our care have the opportunity to address and overcome barriers to independent living, and work together toward self-sufficiency.

HELP serves nearly 2,000 school age children each day with after school programming at its New York area facilities and in Houston and Philadelphia.  At most of its residences, HELP operates its after school programs with its own in-house staff.

In addition, HELP sub-contracts with two subsidiaries of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Inc. to provide a range of services designed to help at-risk youth realize their full potential and become responsible, productive adults.