Willie Baronet

Willie Baronet Is On a Mission

For the past year, Willie Baronet has been traveling the United States, purchasing cardboard signs from homeless men and women, his tribute to artistic activism. The signs are now part of an exhibition, “We Are All Homeless,” displayed at the NYU’s Kimmel Center. This is the first exhibit to feature every sign from Baronet’s cross-country trip, and it was made possible by the support of HelpUSA.

“One year ago TODAY we were in New York, on the final day of our cross country trip,” Baronett said. “We visited 24 cities, drove 7620 miles, bought almost 300 signs, and most importantly interviewed well over one hundred people we met on the streets. It was an amazing adventure.”

Baronet has been busy since his return, presenting a TEDxSMU talk about the project and the trip, and speaking at schools and organizations. On Nov. 20, 2015, he will be the keynote speaker at the annual Breakfast for The Bridge.

“I am also honored that Maria Cuomo Cole, Chairman of HelpUSA, will introduce me!,” Baronet said. “I hope you will be there to support the services The Bridge offers to so many homeless people in our city. Several of our supporters are also champions of The Bridge and the wonderful work that they do.”

More information about Baronet and “We Are All Homeless” project is available online at:



Willie Baronet chooses cardboard signs for his exhibit, "We Are All Homeless"

Willie Baronet chooses cardboard signs for his exhibit, “We Are All Homeless”